Challenges for the implementation of brand strategy, market, jia shun wood co., LTD., continuously forge ahead, bold attempt, products have developed a new "craft door" and "flat composite flat color door" and other new products to meet the demand of the market, sales launch "three. One. Five" policy, together with our agent to bringing new products to market, profit together and seek common development. Now it is aimed at the regional agencies of all counties in the county:
Product: "jia jia" "the government" indoor door series product.
China merchants: zhejiang zhejiang jishun door co., LTD.
China merchants: regional agents in counties and cities throughout the country.
"Three. One. Five" promotion policies:



A series of free:
Free advertising design support, provide free small sample, color card, the book of tender, overalls, provide free product certificate and test report, the company shall be uniformly printed publicity page just 30% of the cost of subsidies.




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